29.1. 2023 –
The latest issue of FotoVideo magazine brought me another surprise. I was flipping through the magazine until I came to the place where the results of the contests appear. Since I didn’t participate in the next round of competition for 2023, I figured I’d take a look at the photos of my colleagues, for the pleasure of the eye or for inspiration. My eye caught my name on one of the pages. And the surprise was in the world. A beautiful third and sixth place in the year-long PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR IN NATURE 2022 competition. And a bit alibistically I can say that it is also the first place in animal photography, because the two better photos capture something else.
3rd place – photo “Yum” – common squirrel
6th place – photo “Foggy morning” – common greenshank
25.12.2022 – PhotoVideo magazine – Photographer of the Year competition – 1st theme “Animals”. Among other Christmas presents I got one that I am proud of. I managed to place in the first round of FotoVideo magazine’s year-long competition, coming in a nice third place. The results of the first round, with the theme Animals, were published in the last issue of FotoVideo, and thanks to my subscription, I got a Christmas present.
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